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McDermot Library Inventory

Library inventory announcements

McDermot Library Inventory Project, 2022-2024

The McDermott Library will be undertaking a complete inventory of its physical collections starting in October 2022. This will include all books and other materials in the general lending collection (over 450,000 items), matching what is on the shelves to what is in our online catalog.  Work is expected to take a year or more.

Although this will entail a lot of activity among the shelves, it should have no impact on users.  If you need access to items that are being inventoried when you find them, please just ask the person scanning that section.  All materials will remain accessible and available for checkout throughout the project.

In addition to scanning the items on the shelves, we will be conducting a routine review of materials that are damaged, have extra copies, or have been superseded by a more recent edition. If you have any questions about the standards being used for this review, take a look at our Damaged Materials Instruction and Special Collections Retention Policy.  Links to both are provided below.

If you have any other questions, the inventory project lead is David Schaffter, Associate Director of Technical Services,