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Events in McDermott Library

Library space can be used for special events if approved by the McDermott Library Director. Approval is on a case-by-case basis with consideration to size, location, and noise, especially when classes are in session. Inquiries can be sent by emailing, calling 719-333-2590, or visiting the Library Administration Office, Room 3A10.

Library Events Calendar

Please visit the Library Events Calendar to see what is happening in the library.

Library Rooms

McDermott Library provides several types of room for group study and/or meetings. Library rooms are prioritized for cadets, faculty, and staff use. Requests to reserve library rooms by anyone else, for any purpose other than individual or group study, or for periods beyond those allowed by the reservation system are addressed by the Library Administrative office on a case-by-case basis with a minimum 48-hour notice.

Dry erase marker kits are available for 4-hour checkout at the Information Service Desk.  Please erase any writing and return marker kits upon departure.

Covered drinks (soda / energy drinks included) and small snacks are allowed in the library rooms.  Please leave no trace.  Pick up trash and clean up any messes.  Trash receptacles are located throughout the library lobby.  

Group Study Rooms

There are 12 group study rooms available for use on the 3rd floor of the McDermott Library:

Six Small study rooms (Flying Fortress, Lancer, Liberator, Nighthawk, Phantom II, and Raptor) each include a large monitor, whiteboard wall, chairs, and a work surface.  Each of the small study rooms have a maximum capacity of 6 users.

Five Medium study rooms (Havoc, Lightning, Mustang, Talon, and Thunderbolt) each include a large monitor, whiteboard wall, chairs, and a work surface.  Each of these study rooms have a capacity of 7 users.

One Large study room (C-5B Galaxy) that includes a podium, chairs, work surfaces, and whiteboard walls. C-5B Galaxy has the capacity of 16 users. 

All the group study rooms are available on a first-come, first served basis, and by reservation.  Reservations have priority use of the rooms.  Reservations can made for up to 2 hours and made up to 6 days in advance.  Information about each room can be found on the Room Reservations Page.

Room Reservations Page

Use the dropdown menus to fill out and search for an available Group Study Room.  You can either search by changing the Category heading to "Show All" or by the size of the room (small, medium, or large).  Please remember that a reservation has priority use of a room, can be made for a maximum of 2 hours, and can be made up to 6 days in advance.  If you have any problems with the Room Reservations Page, please contact the library.

C-130 Hercules Room

C-130 Hercules Room is a large, classroom style room with multiple seating options, two large monitors, and whiteboards.  C-130 Hercules is not available for use as a cadet study space.  The room's intended use is for instruction that includes a Librarian component (information literacy instruction, etc.) and for meetings lead by library personnel, faculty, or staff.  Requests for a reservation for instruction and/or meeting are handled on a case-by-case basis by contacting the Library Administrative office with a minimum 48-hour notice. In your request, please specify the purpose of the instruction/meeting and the number of attendees.  C-130 Hercules requires a minimum of 9 users to reserve and has a maximum occupancy of 40 users.