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World War II Escape and Evasion Reports



The Military Intelligence Service-X (MIS-X) was a classified section of the United States Department of War that was established to aid U.S. personnel trapped or held captive by the enemy during World War II (WWII). Its functions included training airmen in escape/evasion techniques and proper conduct if captured. MIS-X was also tasked with gathering intelligence information from returning POWs and escapees, including the location of enemy camps, enemy interrogation techniques, the location of local escape networks, and the identification of enemy collaborators. MIS-X established and disseminated codes to airmen so that, if captured, they could transmit information about the enemy in their letters home. MIS-X also planned and facilitated the rescue of Allied POWs who were trapped behind enemy lines. MIS-X operated in all theaters of the war and is credited with assisting some 16,000 U.S. personnel with their return to Allied territory. 

Escape and Evasion Reports

Escape and Evasion Reports (E&E), EX Reports, and Repatriation Reports were produced by MIS-X operatives who interviewed American airmen who successfully evaded capture, escaped imprisonment, or were liberated from enemy camps. Information gained from these interviews was used to assess the value of the training and tools they were provided, for the training of additional forces, and to help plan future rescue missions into enemy territory. These reports provide names, squadron information, assignments, crash locations, prison camp locations, and methods of escape. These reports also provide much more detailed information regarding enemy transportation, prison camp conditions, procedures for searching prisoners, access to parcels, and other information that might be useful for MIS-X intelligence purposes. 

Each of these reports was assigned an “EX Report Number,” an “E&E Report” number, or an “R Report” number, which were unique to each person being interviewed. Interviewees escaped, evaded, or were released between 1942 and 1945. These incidents occurred in enemy territories across Europe and Asia including Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, the Channel Islands, Guam, the Philippines, Myanmar (Burma), China, and Russia (USSR). 

To access these resources click the link above, review the abstracts provided in the index, and contact Clark Special Collections to read the full reports.

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