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Clark Special Collections

Oral History Collections


The Clark Special Collections Branch collects oral history recordings and transcripts from individuals who have witnessed and shaped the development of the U.S. Air Force, aviation and aeronautical history, modern military activity, and the Air Force Academy itself. Included in these collections are copies of oral history transcripts transferred from the Air Force Historical Records Agency (AFHRA) at Maxwell AFB, oral history interviews conducted by the History Department at the Air Force Academy (DFH), and oral history projects sponsored by the Friends of the Academy Library. Oral history recordings and transcripts are only available on-site, but an index of these resources can be found here (press Ctl+F to search).

IMAGE NOTE: Colonel (later BGen) Mark Wells conducting an oral history interview with retired Lt General A. P. Clark

Audio-Visual Recordings

The Clark Special Collections Branch is home to thousands of unique films and audio recordings on a variety of multimedia platforms. Many of these items have been digitally reformatted and are available on-site. The McDermott Library, in cooperation with the Friends of the Air Force Academy Library, is adding new materials to its collection of digitized materials daily. An updated inventory of our audiovisual collections can be found here.