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Course Reserve Materials

Course reserve materials are high-demand resources assigned for a specific course which are placed on limited circulation status at McDermott Library to maximize access for cadets in the course. McDermott Library maintains a physical course reserve service at the Service Desk, located on the third floor of the Library, near the west entrance. 

Materials eligible for placement on course reserve include:

  • Instructor-owned books, solutions manuals, etc.
  • Instructor-generated materials, such as lecture notes, sample exams or quizzes, homework solutions, etc.
  • McDermott Library-owned books and media

Materials that are not eligible for placement on course reserve include:

  • Items obtained through Interlibrary Loan or Prospector
  • Items already on reserve for another course
  • Non-Circulating McDermott Library items (e.g., Reference books, bound journals)
  • Special Collection items
  • Photocopies that exceed fair use without written permission of the copyright holder
  • Electronic copies

McDermott Library is not responsible for damage or loss of personal copies.

Compliance with copyright is the sole responsibility of the instructor who places the material on course reserve.

Cadets who fail to return course reserve material on time are subject to reporting and/or withdrawal of loan privileges for obstructing fellow cadets in accessing the material.

Placing Material on Course Reserve

Instructors must complete the Course Reserve Request form to place materials on reserve.

  • Instructors should complete a separate form for each course with reserve material.
  • The form should be submitted at least 7 days prior to the date cadets will require the items.
  • Instructors must select a loan period/use for each item based on McDermott Library course reserve circulation types.

Personal items should be delivered to the McDermott Library Service Desk as soon as possible after submission of the Course Reserve Request form with a note indicating the Course and Instructor.

  • Loose-leaf items should be placed in a three-ring binder. Each page should include the course code and page number in case of removal or damage.
  • Personal items may require labels, barcodes, or other attachments to facility use on course reserve. McDermott Library is not responsible for damage which may occur from these attachments.

Instructors may receive emails from McDermott Library personnel regarding clarification, missing items, or other concerns during the request processing. Delays in instructor response may delay processing.

Instructors will receive confirmation when course reserve requests have been processed. 

Removing Material from Course Reserve

At the end of each semester, all items are removed from Course Reserves. 

  • Instructors are responsible for picking up their personal material within two weeks of final grade submission
  • All Library-owned items are returned to the public shelves
  • If the same course is to be taught the following semester, Instructors should place a new Course Reserve Request before the end of the semester